It's Official. The HOLIDAYS are Closing in!

It's Time to Get to Shopping

While you may just be preparing to order your first pumpkin spiced Latte of the season, with a slice of pumpkin bread, while wearing your pumpkin marshmallow lotion, others are a few steps ahead of the Holiday game. 

In fact, according to a Facebook holiday shopping survey, 1 in 5 US consumers  planned to start 2019 holiday shopping in or BEFORE October.  I don't think this comes as a shock to anyone, however, as Macy's already had a full blown Christmas section setup (at least here) already in August. 

This year, we are also looking at almost a full week less of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for present shopping, as Thanksgiving falls on the 28th of November. This means people will most likely be shopping sooner than normal, and more specifically, shopping online. 

Don't Waste Money on Gas going Store to Store - Spend it on Gifts! 

Shopping online is taking over the world. Buying and streaming music has been digital for so long, I can't recall the date it began (Napster anyone?). Renting and buying movies through online services, commercial free radio stations in the car, even paying for online schooling, all made possible through the greatness of this thing we call the internet. 


​Shopping for personal items is now no different. Everything from Amazon subscriptions for diapers and paper towels, to boxes of fresh food, makeup, razors, and yes, even shampoo and skin care. Nothing but a few clicks and voila! You're done.  Convenience at its finest - straight to your door in a box.

Let's get Online

55% of all Holiday purchases are expected to take place online this year.  Honestly, I’m shocked it’s not more. Why? Well, for one - no clothes are required. Traffic, crowds, and lines don’t exist. There’s no running around to different stores trying to find this perfect present, just for the venture to conclude with it being out of stock (I just exhausted myself from writing about this “adventure”). 

Have you ever gone to the store, where you know they have what you need, with two rambunctious toddlers, all while trying to keep track of 4 tiny shoes and lecture everyone about how they need to keep their pants on? I don't recommend it. 

If you want to try this out, multiply the time it would typically take by 3, per each tiny human. 

So, after weighing the benefits and potential hours of obstacles, the majority of Holiday shoppers turn to their electronic devices for convenient shopping- items delivered directly to their doors and the houses of the lucky recipients. But, with everything you can possibly even imagine being available to buy online, how do you make a decision? How do you find the PERFECT GIFT?

It's Time to get Beautified 

If you have a beauty queen on your shopping list, let me help you out. According to, 43% of consumers in 2018 that were surveyed had cosmetics/beauty gifts on their Christmas wish list. One of the things every wife, mom, daughter, sister- woman and girl needs: A gorgeous head of hair and a glowing face. 

Do they use shampoo? Do they wash their face and use lotion? Is your wife fighting wrinkles? Easy peasy- THEY NEED MONAT.

Thick Creamy facial Moisturizer
MONAT Berry Scrub
MONAT Rewind Age Nectar

It's pretty simple: MONAT consists of the best Hair Care and Skin Care products that you're going to find. MONAT was gifted at the 2019 Emmys for celebrity hair care (which what teenage girl doesn't want hair like the "stars"? What woman doesn't want to look red carpet ready?). The Skin Care line launched in September 2019, and sold over $4 million in 36 hours. The Eye Smooth is currently sold out with an exclusive waitlist available, after selling over 40,000 units in 17 days. It's the real deal.

Dig in and check out what the products look like...literally! You can move the pictures around! 

Falling in line with all the health conscious trends, MONAT products are Vegan, naturally based, and anti-aging. MONAT is currently the #1 luxury hair care company/hair care products in all of North America, beating out some pretty well known competition. The results you will see and feel from these products, you won't get from any other salon hair care lines - one example: decreasing hair loss and increasing growth.

And the kicker - It's ALL completely customize-able for the person receiving it.. 

With less than a 1% return rate, and crazy results from MILLIONS of people, you really can't go wrong.

The skin care line has everything from a face wash, eye cream, skin essence (huge with Korean skin care), anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and even a berry face scrub with cranberry seeds (no plastic micro beads!). 

So, How can I Help? 

Whether you want to send this to someone as a one time Christmas present, or set it up to keep sending them love for their hair and skin (beauty subscription boxes are a hot commodity) I can help set it all up for you. From a few simple questions, I'll help you determine what products are best to send to this lucky person to achieve the optimum results and reap in the product benefits. 

If you are sending this as a "subscription", I can make sure products are only sent when you want them delivered (Christmas, birthdays, monthly, every other month- 100% up to you). I will also be only one DM, email, or text away for any questions that you and/or the recipient has. Basically, my full time assistance is part of your purchase.


So, let's touch on some facts real quick: ​

Again, you can purchase this as a one time gift, or recurring.

You decide when it gets sent, and there are NO monthly charges.- only charged when orders are placed, and I can help do this all for you (consider me as your around the clock MONAT personal assistant!) 

It will be shipped straight to that person's house (unless you want it to go to yours...wherever you want!). 


You can completely customize the order, with whatever skin care and hair care products would be best for that person! I can help you pick these out and get the perfect combinations for their needs. 

30 day money back guarantee with EVERY order!

So, when it comes down to the fact people have already began Christmas shopping, let me help you just get it done and out of the way. Talk about a stress relief!


There is no better gift than one that restores confidence and feeling beautiful again. I would know, because I use it. Check out all my pictures and reviews

Don't be intimidated (I know beauty products can be scary), but I can do it all for you! 100% here to help!


Hey LADIES, if your man is experiencing hair loss or just needs refreshed, there's a men's line as well! Everything from shampoo to styling clay, shaving cream, and even beard oil. Let's get him spruced up.! 

Feel free to email me directly!

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