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I will say loud and clear, I was that girl..who said "I'll never be "that" girl". That girl who works from home selling some type of lipstick, essential oil, leggings type of girl (I live in leggings. I have 4 kids! I just wasn't going to be selling them). I was the one who denounced any and every Direct Sells company that has ever existed. Until I tried samples for MONAT...

I watched a girl post about this magic hair stuff for a year, before I finally said I'd try samples (with the intentions of planning to tell her it sucked and she was over promising...and I was totally wrong). 

Fast forward 8 months, and I have the best hair I've ever had in my life, no exaggeration. I was losing CLUMPS of hair- hormone and thyroid/medical tests all normal. So thankfully I decided to give this stuff a try 8 months ago, and now I lose just a few strands here and there. Let's not forget how crazy lightweight, soft, shiny, and healthy my super long thick hair now is. For myself and my family, MONAT hair products get 24 thumbs up, half of them sticky and covered in only god knows what....

If you don't follow me on Instagram, go do it now to see TONS of different pictures of how my hair has changed, along with what I think of specific products! 

Loss PER WASH (every 3-4 days) before these products

After ONE wash


MONAT skin care has arrived in full force! Two different Skin Care Kits to choose from, or you can mix and match for your needs. I am currently using the "Be Balanced" kit which is for normal to combination skin. The other option is the "Be Gentle" kit for sensitive to dry skin. Let's dive into what I think...

The kit is super simple to use, 4 quick steps and you're done. Now, I have never been big on washing my face at night and doing a strict routine, but due to how good these products feel and the crazy results, I've actually been doing it, twice a day. Really anyone can make time to care for their skin a couple minutes in the morning and a couple minutes at night. So far no issues to report (I received these products 4 days after they launched, September 19th and began using them right away). 


Along with the main kit, I also purchased the Berry scrub  - we're talking natural fruit acids (AHAs), anti-aging cranberry and bay berry seeds, plus tons of other good stuff! It's a 2 in one product, so you scrub away and then leave on for 5 minutes as a mask -


I also bought Eye Smooth -  eye cream obviously. Guys, the results from people using this has been insane. The product is in such high demand, that it's currently sold out from over 40,000 units sold within 17 days. HOWEVER, an exclusive waitlist has been created, and for those who sign up you're going to get a free facial massager - never have used the free gift being offered, so I can't comment on that, but I do know I love free stuff! 

You can check out my video below, to see these products and watch me use and discuss them. If you don't know what "skin essence" is, you need to watch this! 

Fighting off one Wrinkle at a Time



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MONAT products are VEGAN, NATURALLY BASED, and ANTI-AGING..yes, anti-aging for YOUR HAIR AND SKIN.  Get some more info HERE.

MONAT says NO toxins such as Parabens, Formaldehyde Releasers, and even to animal testing. Check out the full list HERE. 


More than 40% of people start Holiday shopping before Halloween? Don't wait last minute and disappoint the people in your life!  Let me help you get some shopping done........Trust me, this stuff doesn't disappoint! 

Not to mention, the trending convenience of Shopping online....

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